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The days are getting shorter, the nights are feeling colder and nature is telling us: Winter is coming. This doesn’t mean Winter season cannot be interesting too, don’t you think? In Winter time you can also go to apéros, afterworks, openings and visit other indoor/outdoor popup-initiatives. Nevertheless these various Winter events keep reminding me of last Summer and make me longing and dreaming for more.

Winter Warmers 2016

Therefore I’m proud to present my Winter Warmers, a fine collection of mixtapes recorded live at different locations during Summer time in Belgium. These carefully selected tracks will help you living through Winter season easily. I really hope you enjoy this music as much as I do.

Now sit back, relax and turn up the volume!

A special “thank you” goes to the various promotors out there supporting my passion for music and especially to:

These creative concepts and surprising locations inspired me to compose those exclusive mixtapes for you.

Quality first!

I love Summer Josephine's Part 1 I love Skybar Antwerp I love Salito Beach I love Summer Josephine's Part 2


When going to a stylish restaurant or a trendy bar, one of the most important elements that helps defining the overall atmosphere is the music that is playing in the background. The art is to play music that 90% of the guests won’t notice in particular, but that sets the right mood and catches the attention of the other 10% of musical connoisseurs amongst the dining or drinking guests.

This Summer I had the opportunity to play at 2 exclusive locations in Antwerpen where quality definitely comes first:

These live performances inspired me to compose a fine collection of tracks, carefully selected and mixed to let everyone in the place enjoy his or her moment. Whether you’re dining with your family or drinking with some friends, a pleasant atmosphere is always essential.

Special thanks go to On The Rocks and Stuart Catering for making this happen and for creating these original popup concepts in the city.

Now sit back, relax and listen to my I love Bar Grooves 3 liveset recorded at Skybar Antwerp and inspired by Summer Josephine’s. Share if you like and see you next Summer!

Skybar Antwerp

In september 2013 I obtained the 3rd place in a contest of The House Academy, founded by Nathaniel and Maxim Lany (both producers and deejays). They constantly focus on “Quality First” music and they are really passionate about organizing exclusive parties in the region of Kortrijk/Gent and recently also in Antwerpen. My mission was to create a high-quality mixtape composed out of carefully selected tracks that would perfectly suit in the setting of Jardin, a classy restaurant located in Knokke.

Here you can read what The House Academy blogged when they launched the “Quality First” contest on August 17, 2013:

There are 2 things we at The House Academy are extremely keen on. The first thing is, of course, quality. Whatever we do, wherever we go, we stand for quality. The second thing we really value is giving chances and opportunities to young and undiscovered talent. So we thought it would be great if we could combine both things in one action.

We’re very happy to present to you, in cooperation with one of Knokke’s finest restaurants, Jardin: The “Quality First” mixtape competition.

When going to a nice restaurant, one of the elements that is so important for the atmosphere, is the music playing in the background. The art is to find music that 90% of the guests will not notice in particular, but that will set the right atmosphere and that will catch the attention of the 10% of the musical connoisseurs amongst the dining guests.

Choosing the right music for a restaurant is a hard job. It’s a big challenge. But we’re not afraid of challenges and we are convinced many amongst you aren’t either.

Sounds like fun? Get going! Deadline is September 14, 2013. Good luck!

Maxim Lany (Lany Recordings)

Here is the positive feedback I received from The House Academy:

We finally made a decision. There were a lot of great entrances and yours was amongst the best ones. You win the ‘bronze medal’ with your set. We were really surprised by the high-quality track selection. Thanks!

KJ Vercruysse (House Grand Cru)

Special thanks go to Maxim Lany who I personally met during one of the Play & Produce editions at the Vooruit in Gent. He told me to keep on focussing on “Quality First” music to make a difference and to set an example. Thank you, Mr. Lany, to believe in my work and my passion for music.

Now sit back, relax and listen to my I love Bar Grooves 2 liveset recorded exclusively for The House Academy. Share if you like and spread the word!


This mixtape was recorded live at Bar Tapa (Turnhout) during the weekend before my actual gig at Overdose, the official afterparty of the Antwerp On Stage 2011 festival hosted this time by TK Projects (Stereo). The place to be that Wednesday night was Publik, a small club near De Stadswaag in Antwerp and formerly known as De Cinema. As a member of the new Stereo Sound System deejay collective, I played back 2 back with Myno and Dimystic. Prinz (Café d’Anvers, Push It Records) and Supreems (Blast Your Ghetto) were spinning the decks as well. Our first public performance as Stereo Sound System had to be some sort of an eyecatcher. We dressed up in black ties, black trousers and white shirts. Even without the black sunglasses, we were looking just like the main characters in Quentin Tarantino’s cult movie, Reservoir Dogs.

Recently I’ve started buying music online, because you just can’t find everything exclusively on cd anymore. Buying single digital tracks is also more efficient and less expensive than looking for a good album or collection in a regular record store. Nevertheless I’ll never quit buying cd’s, because I like the sound, the artwork, the physical touch and the apparent endless search for that ultimate cd on a Saturday afternoon in your favourite record store. It might sound stupid, but I’m pretty sure every vinyl junkie or any music addict out there will agree with me.

Most of this mixtape’s tracks come from Beatport, today’s biggest online store for various electronic music. It starts rather deep with some Soul Migrantz tracks and remixes. In the middle it sounds more tech and by the end it evolves into real progressive sounds from Trentemøller and a new upcoming Belgian talent, Leesa. Based in Gent, I saw her performing last year at Play & Produce 2010 (see also my previous blog post). She won various contests, signed at Atmosphere Records and recently released her first EP’s: Dinosaur and Au Revoir Mon Coeur. Full of talent, both as a deejay and producer, I’m pretty sure she’s going to hit the charts soon. She can count on my full support, wishing her all the best and a successful career in music business.

Yesterday I went to another edition of Sneaker Freaks, a popular party concept by Tom Smeyers (Solano, Guesthouse Music) at De Firma in Geel for the love of funky-deep-chicago-jazzy-westcoast house music. It was a special night, because Tom was celebrating his 29th birthday and had invited some special guests: Raoul Belmans (Swirl People, Aroma Records) and Soul Migrantz (Calling Chicago, N.E.W.S.). I had a great time and want others to enjoy the same positive vibes. Therefore I’ve called this mixtape I love Sneaker Freaks.

Sneaker Freaks

Play & Produce

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Event, Mixtape, Music
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On Saturday the 20th of November I went to Play & Produce 2010 at Vooruit in Gent. This one day event, organized by Poppunt, is the place to be for all electronic music scene lovers with workshops, masterclasses, mixtape feedback, photoshoots and lots of gear (software + hardware) to get your hands on. Every visitor gets the chance to meet with other deejays, producers and electronic musicians sharing the same passion.

A couple of weeks before, I participated in a mixtape contest and won my own professionally recorded DJ-clip at Play & Produce. I got the chance to play with some high-end Pioneer Pro DJ gear: 2 CDJ-2000 players and 1 DJM-2000 mixer. My set was recorded live from multicamera positions and behind me there was a led-screen showing various beat-synchronized images. I can say that it was a hell of an experience and thanks again to all people who made this possible!

While waiting for the actual DJ-clip video and photoshoot results, I can already post the audiotrack of my Play & Produce set. All tracks are signed to the Om Records label, which is one of my favourites ’cause they know how house music should sound like in all of its subgenres and styles.

Om is a San Francisco based music and lifestyle company. We are artists and producers of music, design, fashion and events for a global community of forward thinking people. From our humble beginnings in 1995, Om has grown to become a highly recognized and respected brand in the global music scene. Om is designed to create remarkable music and cultural experiences, which both entertain and build a sense of community.

The following tracks were carefully selected and mixed:

Om Winter Sessions – Mixed by Justin Martin

  1. Mike Monday – I dream of ducks
  2. Soul Avengers – Don’t let the morning come (Justin Martin & Claude Vonstroke Remix)
  3. Jochen Trappe – Organic
  4. Martin Brothers – Stoopit
  5. The Bald & The Beautiful – Back Down

Om Winter Sessions – Mixed by Johnny Fiasco

  1. Uneaq – Day Dreamer
  2. Rosie Brown – Bliss (D’s Boom Bap Bleep Remix)
  3. Mastiksoul – Just a feeling
  4. DJ Disciple meets David Tort & DJ Ruff – Deep Underground
  5. Mark Knight & Mtv feat. E-man – New Reality (Jesse Rose Mix)
  6. Johnny Fiasco – 101 (Joey Youngman Remix)
  7. Jacob London – Não Obrigado

Om Miami 2009 – Mixed & Compiled by DJ Fluid

  1. Ramon Tapia – Can you dig it
  2. Florian Kruse & Elmar Schubert – Despegue
  3. Mike Monday – Salieri Complex (Club Mix)

This is the complete playlist of my Play & Produce set:

  1. Mike Monday – I dream of ducks
  2. Uneaq – Day Dreamer
  3. Jochen Trappe – Organic
  4. Rosie Brown – Bliss (D’s Boom Bap Bleep Remix)
  5. Soul Avengers – Don’t let the morning come (Justin Martin & Claude Vonstroke Remix)
  6. DJ Disciple meets David Tort & DJ Ruff – Deep Underground
  7. Florian Kruse & Elmar Schubert – Despegue
  8. Mark Knight & Mtv feat. E-man – New Reality (Jesse Rose Mix)
  9. Ramon Tapia – Can you dig it
  10. Mastiksoul – Just a feeling
  11. Mike Monday – Salieri Complex (Club Mix)
  12. Johnny Fiasco – 101 (Joey Youngman Remix)
  13. Martin Brothers – Stoopit
  14. Jacob London – Não Obrigado
  15. The Bald & The Beautiful – Back Down

Enjoy this deep house mixtape and experience the funky and tech house flavoured tracks. Leave your comments and share it with your friends for the love of house.

See you at the next edition of Play & Produce in 2012!

Om Winter Sessions