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I love Bar Grooves

Posted: August 24, 2008 in Mixtape, Music
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The Summer of 2008 is going to be a rainy and cloudy one, so I was thinking … why not bringing the sun into my own demo mixes?! I searched for ‘sunny’ records in my collection and discovered 2 nice albums: "Calypso" by Sven Van Hees and "Camino Real" by Buscemi. Both producers are well known in the Belgian lounge & chill scene. I love their jazzy and funky latin grooves. This kind of music is popular in many lounge bars and perfect in combination with a fresh juicy cocktail on the rocks. Hmmm … If you listen carefully to my set, you’ll hear somewhere in the middle a short interlude by Raffa Brescia, one of my favourite producers, deejays and song-writers. Together with Patrick ‘Den Hétrix’ Bruyndonx, he founded Sweet Coffee. A band that brings you future soul music with heavenly vocals of lead-singer Bibi Diabokua. I’ve planned to make another demo mix full of Sweet Coffee tracks, because this music can really rock the sunny place!

The following tracks were carefully selected and mixed:

Sven Van Hees "Calypso"

  1. Humming Birds
  2. Suspension on disbelief
  3. Black Beans & Castro Queens
  4. Sun of a beach
  5. Calypso
  6. Born to be mild
  7. Movin’ on
  8. Konnichi Wa-Wah
  9. Flying high on borrowed wings
  10. What do you see?

Buscemi "Camino Real"

  1. A Te O Fin (feat. Carla Alexandar)
  2. Midnight Sessions
  3. Voodoo Voyage
  4. Gadget Girls
  5. Viaje Feliz
  6. Seaside (feat. Isabelle Antena)
  7. Camino Real
  8. Ghost Track Man (feat. Ted Milton)
  9. Obrigado! (feat. Isabelle Antena)

Now sit back, relax and listen to my first I love Bar Grooves set.

Sven Van Hees - Calypso Buscemi - Camino Real