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Recently I’ve uploaded a lounge mix of more downtempo Sweet Coffee tracks. This music perfectly fits into chill-out environments like lounge bars, wellness places and even into your own living room. Let you seduce by the vocals of Bibi, the synths of Raffa and the beats of Den Hétrix. Their music is very addictive, but why should you care about that?! I can assure you that after listening, you will be longing for even more future soul sounds.
The following tracks were carefully selected and mixed:
Sweet Coffee "Memory Lane"
   1. No ordinary love
   2. Don’t need you
   3. La lumière
   4. In love
Sweet Coffee "Perfect Storm"
   1. My mind
   2. Candyman
   3. Don’t let me wait too long
   4. Lost in tears
   5. Sweet little nothing
   6. Perfect storm  
Sweet Coffee "Naked City"
   1. Dear God
   2. Zanna
   3. Head over heels
   4. Air
   5. Ghost in your head
   6. Downtown
This is the complete playlist of my I love Sweet Coffee 2 set:
   1. Dear God
   2. My mind
   3. Zanna
   4. No ordinary love
   5. Head over heels
   6. Candyman
   7. Air
   8. Don’t let me wait too long
   9. Don’t need you
  10. Ghost in your head
  11. La lumière
  12. Lost in tears
  13. Downtown
  14. Sweet little nothing
  15. In love
  16. Perfect storm
Now turn on the music and let’s chill!