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I love Sweet Coffee

Posted: November 9, 2008 in Mixtape, Music
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As promised in a previous blog, I’ve created a brand new demo mix of my favourite Sweet Coffee tracks. This time it took me a couple of weekends to finish it. You’re asking yourself why? Let me explain. I’m a big Sweet Coffee fan and probably I’m not the only one out there who loves future soul music. To please you all, I had to mix each track smoothly and sometimes start all over again until I got it completely right. You can see it like some kind of tribute to my favourite producer-duo Raffa and Den Hétrix. Hope they like it too?!

How did I accomplish this musical mission?

  1. Make a selection of the finest tracks from all 3 albums
  2. Determine average number of beats per minute (126BPM)
  3. Put all tracks in an uplifting order
  4. Practise each transition until it sounds right
  5. Record your live mix from intro till outro

The following tracks were carefully selected and mixed:

Sweet Coffee "Memory Lane"

  1. Start believin’
  2. Feelin’ good
  3. Holdin’ on (Den Hétrix & Raffa Edit Mix)
  4. Weekend Lover
  5. Memory Lane (Summer Reprise)

Sweet Coffee "Perfect Storm"

  1. Is this love
  2. Keep on running
  3. Special kind of feeling
  4. Ain’t the blues (Saxolude)
  5. Love having you around
  6. New Day
  7. Second time around

Sweet Coffee "Naked City"

  1. Intro – Go Deep
  2. Naked City
  3. Things you do
  4. What’s up with that
  5. Never better
  6. Outro – Emotion District

This is the complete playlist of my I love Sweet Coffee set:

  1. Intro – Go Deep
  2. Keep on running
  3. Naked City
  4. Is this love
  5. Never better
  6. Love having you around
  7. Things you do
  8. New Day
  9. Start believin’
  10. Second time around
  11. Feelin’ good
  12. What’s up with that
  13. Holdin’ on (Den Hétrix & Raffa Edit Mix)
  14. Special kind of feeling
  15. Weekend Lover
  16. Ain’t the blues (Saxolude)
  17. Memory Lane (Summer Reprise)
  18. Outro – Emotion District

I’m looking forward to your feedback and maybe I’ll produce more Sweet Coffee (re)mixes in the future. Enjoy!

Sweet Coffee - Memory Lane Sweet Coffee - Perfect Storm Sweet Coffee - Naked City

Sweet Coffee Remix Album

Posted: November 9, 2008 in Music, Varia
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Some time ago I’ve posted a small request on Sweet Coffee’s website:

I was wondering if there’s also coming out an album full of remixes or long 12’’ versions of Sweet Coffee tracks in the near future? Do you have any plans for making such an album? I’m a big fan of all your tracks, but sometimes these are just a little too short to put in my DJ-sets. It would be great to use more of your future soul sounds during my DJ-gigs.

I’m sure, you guys know how to (re)mix a track, because one of my favourites is still “Red Carpet vs Kings Of Tomorrow – Finally Alright”. This track by Raffa really rocks the sunny place! R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Even the same day I’ve got already an answer. This is their reply:

Many thanx for the nice comments. We really appreciate it! There are some singles which have been remixed to be more club friendly. But a remix album is not a bad idea. Who knows? In the future maybe?

The track “Red Carpet – Allright” was made by Patrick and me (Den Hétrix & Raffa). The track “Red Carpet vs Kings Of Tomorrow – Finally Alright” is a mish mash of the 2 songs. We also love it! Keep it sweet!