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Posted: March 7, 2019 in Event, Mixtape, Music
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On November 23 2018, I got the opportunity to be part of a unique collaboration project for SHARP.Art’s Fine Art Prints Expo at the enchanting House de Neuf in Edegem.

SHARP.Art‘s photographer and friend made a selection of his works and displayed these artistic creations in 4 different rooms. Every room had its specific theme: ‘Contessa’, ‘Milos’, ‘Torn Reality’ and ‘Living Sculptures’. Several other artists were invited to bring their own interpretation and talent to every individual room.

Let’s start with the photographer’s personal statement and invitation to explore his intimate exposition:

“Inspired by the classical Greek female form – in a contemporary interpretation – I seek to blend dreams and reality in an aesthetic way. My work is not intended for screens nor magazines, but to enliven empty walls and offer the viewer a glimpse of another world. Floating between the spheres of glamour, fashion and art I aim to embark you with my creations on a journey of visual delight. Although the works have an unmistakable aesthetic character, I invite you to discover the – sometimes subtle – messages.”

SHARP.Art - Fine Art Print Expo - WordPress

Kristel Balcaen, Belgium’s Wine Lady of the Year 2018 and Champagne Ambassador, did a wine and champagne pairing for every room by selecting 4 different tastes: an Austrian white, an Italian rosé, a French red and a champagne, combined with delicious chocolates from La Clé Du Sud by Thomas Losonczy.

Nicola Wills, demi-soloist at the Royal Ballet of Flanders, made an exclusive choreography and did 4 haunting performances based on a specific theme song per room, carefully selected by myself: Bicep’s ‘Glue’, Hallucinogen’s ‘L.S.D.’, Hans Zimmer’s ‘Time’ in the Tale Of Us Edit and Yael Naim’s Britney Spears cover ‘Toxic’.

To complete the experience, I was soundscaping the perfect atmosphere for the invitees, making a fine selection of transcending music that easily blended with the surroundings and the exposition.

Special thanks go to:

It was a stunning evening for everyone and together we created an unforgettable fusion of artistic talents. Join this unique experience and immerse yourself in a journey of ethnic oriental sounds. Show some love and share if you like!


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