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This is my personal reinterpretation of MJ‘s classic: ‘Thriller’, taken from the best-selling ‘Thriller’ album produced by Quincy Jones and first released in November 1982 at Epic Records (Los Angeles). I consider it as a tribute to the greatest singer, dancer and performer of all times: ‘The King of Pop’. How did I proceed? During my performances as a deejay, I noticed that the following 2 tracks fit really nicely together:

1. Spirit Catcher – Voodoo Knight (Live Remix)
2. MJ – Thriller (The Reflex ‘Halloween Disco’ Edit)

Below you can find a short biography of Spirit Catcher as blogged by Resident Advisor:

Spirit Catcher have become one of the most in-demand house acts, gracing the finest underground labels with their polished future disco sound. But to those who know them, Thomas Sohet and Jean Vanesse are simply a pair of Belgian misfits looking for life and love between the keyboard keys and the automated faders. Two kids born into the sounds of the seventies, then immediately grabbed by the cruel talons of music and doomed to seek solution in the groove. Luckily, through the help of well-meaning record labels such as Silver Network, Freerange, Winding Road, Missive and Moodmusic, we can all listen in to the frenzied disco workouts through which they exorcise their murky pasts.

Spirit Catcher sampled a tiny, but catchy part of MJ’s ‘Thriller’, for the original ‘Voodoo Knight’ release on Moodmusic back in 2005. It devastated dance floors all over the world and catapulted the duo into the big league of producers. Even after 4 years of constant touring and remixing, ‘Voodoo Knight’ was still one of the highlights on their debut album ‘Night Vision’ at 20/20 Vision in 2007. To re-vitalize this classic, they released a killer live remix in 2008 which they had been playing already at their liveshows with great success.

The Reflex has captured the world’s attention and built an impressive army of fans along the way by taking remixing and audio editing to new heights with his ‘Revisions‘. This motto describes accurately the expert craftsmanship involved in turning stems into brand new versions combining creative mixing skills with the connections to track down exclusive multi-tracks. This London based French producer and remixer is well-known for his beautiful edits and reworks using the original sounds from the multi-track master tapes or stems of famous producers and artists around the world. With his impeccable knowledge and musical skills, he twists and rearranges these originals into gorgeous extended workouts. He can literally breathe new life into old classics, like he achieved with his ‘Halloween Disco Edit’ of MJ’s ‘Thriller’ using only the acapella and instrumental versions of the original tune. His extensive catalogue of remixes will be played for years to come. It’s more than an edit, it’s ‘The Reflex Revision’.

Spice up your Halloween and blow this refix through the speakers! Can you dig it?

Featured Artists:

Featured Tracks:

  • Spirit Catcher’s ‘Voodoo Knight’ (Live Remix) taken from ‘Voodoo Knight Remixes’ EP (2008)
  • MJ’s ‘Thriller’ (The Reflex ‘Halloween Disco’ Edit) taken from ‘Revisions’ EP (2013)

Featured Labels:

  • Moodmusic
  • 20/20 Vision
  • Revision Records
  • Epic Records

Listen to MJ vs Spirit Catcher & The Reflex – Voodoo Thriller Knight (Dave Canto’s ‘Are You Scared Yet’ Refix). Please comment, share & support!