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Last Friday I took a day off to do some serious CD shopping in Antwerp city. It had been a while since I bought new records so I was really looking forward to it. During my search I discovered some old Bargrooves compilations. Although they date back from 2007, they still sound pretty contemporary.
But the biggest revelation of the day was a nice collection of the finest tracks previously released by London’s most funky breakz label, Jalapeno Records. This is volume 1 of a new compilation called Jalapeno Funk and I can assure you, funky it is!
At first sight the album contains 2 floor fillers from Holland’s hottest live act Kraak & Smaak, but after a second look you find also Skeewiff and D’Stephanie, Antwerp’s well-known eclectic DJ and producer lady. She has been a resident at the famous club of Stereo Sushi for several years, so she knows for sure how to spin the records and enjoy the crowd.
This is the complete playlist of my I love Jalapeno Funk set: 
  1. Soopasoul – Soopasoul Theme
  2. Flash Callahan – Do you know the truth
  3. Telesfor – Twos (Busy Bees Boogie Mix)
  4. B-Team – Not crazy
  5. Maelstrom & Napz – Spell it
  6. Kraak & Smaak – Mad as hell
  7. Sneaky Fox – Broke
  8. Kraak & Smaak feat. Ro Krom – Funk Ass Rotator
  9. D’ Stephanie – Rock the disco
  10. Rhibosome – Impulse (Flow Dynamics Remix)
  11. Soopasoul – Brand Nu
  12. Skeewiff – Triumph Stag
Let’s hope for the next volume that it will rock too, or maybe even more than the first edition. Keep it funky folks!