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The days are getting shorter, the nights are feeling colder and nature is telling us: Winter is coming. This doesn’t mean Winter season cannot be interesting too, don’t you think? In Winter time you can also go to apéros, afterworks, openings and visit other indoor/outdoor popup-initiatives. Nevertheless these various Winter events keep reminding me of last Summer and make me longing and dreaming for more.

Winter Warmers 2016

Therefore I’m proud to present my Winter Warmers, a fine collection of mixtapes recorded live at different locations during Summer time in Belgium. These carefully selected tracks will help you living through Winter season easily. I really hope you enjoy this music as much as I do.

Now sit back, relax and turn up the volume!

A special “thank you” goes to the various promotors out there supporting my passion for music and especially to:

These creative concepts and surprising locations inspired me to compose those exclusive mixtapes for you.

Quality first!

I love Summer Josephine's Part 1 I love Skybar Antwerp I love Salito Beach I love Summer Josephine's Part 2


I love Arsenal

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Mixtape, Music
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Known as one of the most popular bands in Belgium, Arsenal, the group of John Roan and Hendrik Willemyns, was featured in the hit series ‘Six Feet Under’ and praised in the United States by celeb-bloggers like Perez Hilton or Kanye West. With already many sold-out performances at the Ancienne Belgique, Arsenal knows that people expect something that will last.

When Arsenal claims to have traveled to make their third mysteriously titled album ‘LOTUK’, they are not exaggerating at all. Their first album ‘OYEBO SOUL’ drew upon the streets of Brussels for its inspiration and their second album ‘OUTSIDES’ slightly pushed those borders. For ‘LOTUK’, however, they decided they needed to push themselves further. They needed new challenges, new horizons. That is how Arsenal ended up where they did, caught up in a moment that helped define the birth of ‘LOTUK’: piss drunk in the northernmost realms of Finland, lying on their backs in the dark on a frozen lake, gazing up in wonder at the ‘Northern Lights’.

The funny thing is that they never planned to go there. They originally headed for Norway, setting up a studio in which they laid down the foundations for what became ‘LOTUK’. But Hendrik Willemyns and John Roan, finding themselves restless after a short while, decided to see what happened when they headed further north. It’s unlikely that their plans at this stage included frozen lakes and total inebriation. But the experience was not wasted on them: it resulted in what later became an instrumental album used for the soundtrack of a Belgian TV-show, ‘De Poolreizigers’.

This wasn’t the only reason that their Finnish expedition counted as more than a wild weekend in the Arctic: it is mainly the place where the seeds for ‘LOTUK’ had been successfully sown. When work recommenced for the follow-up to ‘OUTSIDES’ (which reached 30 000 sales in Belgium alone and was voted twice ‘Best Live Act’ at the ‘Rock Werchter’ festival), they knew they had to maintain this sense of adventure. So as well as blending contemporary club, rock and pop sounds with music from around the world in a way and with a sound that can only be described as Arsenal’s, they decided this time to invite a number of their heroes to collaborate with them.

How did I accomplish my musical mission trying to catch this unique Arsenal sound in another mixtape?

  1. Make a selection of the finest tracks from all 3 albums
  2. Determine average number of beats per minute (>110BPM)
  3. Put all tracks in an audibly pleasant order
  4. Practise each transition until it sounds right
  5. Record your live mix from intro till outro

The following tracks were carefully selected and mixed:

Arsenal “OYEBO SOUL”

  1. Mr. Doorman
  2. Longee
  3. Amelaka Motinga
  4. A Volta

Arsenal “OUTSIDES”

  1. Saudade (Pt.1)
  2. Saudade (Pt.2)
  3. Buy In Late
  4. Submissão
  5. Switch

Arsenal “LOTUK”

  1. Egun
  2. Selvagem
  3. Estupendo

This is the complete playlist of my I love Arsenal set:

  1. Saudade (Pt.1)
  2. Saudade (Pt.2)
  3. Mr. Doorman
  4. Egun
  5. Buy In Late
  6. Selvagem
  7. Longee
  8. Submissão
  9. Amelaka Motinga
  10. Switch
  11. Estupendo
  12. A Volta

Keep in mind that this mixtape is only a glimpse of what Arsenal is capable of. In the first place they are a live band that raises temperatures to boiling point in every club, hall or festival. So when you get the chance, try to get a ticket and see them performing live on stage in front of a delirious audience. I’m sure that you’ll have the time of your life!

Arsenal - Oyebo Soul Arsenal - Outsides Arsenal - Lotuk

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail from Poppunt entitled ‘Couleur Café is searching for bands and deejays’. Hosted by the label ‘Wanted!’, 5 up to 8 people get a chance to perform at the festival and get some extra attention during its promotional campaign.

Couleur Café is a music festival dedicated to all currents of urban music across the world including R&B, hiphop, world, afro, reggae, ragga, dub, dancehall, latin, salsa, son, raï, rock and dance. It is definitely an urban festival anchored in the heart of Brussels and its social reality. The impressive industrial site of Tour & Taxis, with its unique buildings, is the perfect spot for this festival that reflects the European capital’s population diversity and mixes of cultures. It’s a festival that will have you travel without having to leave the city.

It is also a place where 3 music marquees and one open-air stage cohabitate with an art exhibition, 50 world-kitchen stalls, a flea market, dance classes, freestyle demonstrations and non-governmental organizations. Started in 1990, Couleur Café spreads nowadays over 3 festive Summer nights and gathers each year more than 70 000 visitors around tolerance and understanding in a cheerful and merry atmosphere.

The Summer starts at Couleur Café, the most colourful festival of the country, so mark the dates for its 21st edition of 2010: from Friday 25th June until Sunday 27th June at Tour & Taxis Brussels. The temperature already rises by a few degrees! 

I’ve always liked to add a certain latin touch to my sets, so this contest is a great opportunity for me to share this affinity with the rest of the world. The people who joined me last Summer at the Anco Summer Terrace 2009 will know what I mean and I would like to thank them for joining our private loungy beach parties. Maybe this demo mix brings some nice memories back?

I’ve spent quite some time selecting the right tracks and putting them in an uplifting order. During my preparations I’ve used 2 new software applications:

  • MixShare’s Rapid Evolution, an advanced music library and harmonic mixing tool, able to detect both the BPM and key of a song
  • Native Instruments’ Traktor, the new benchmark in digital DJing, assisting me in my search for the best CUES, HOTCUES and LOOPS

Everything has been recorded live with my Pioneer Pro DJ gear and without any help of the beat synchronization feature of Traktor. I even used plain old CDs instead of a laptop with MP3s. For the mash-up lovers out there I’ve included my personal mash-up of Romy Costa’s ‘Dança Comigo’ with Praful’s ‘Inspiraçao’. While recording a final version of my set, the Audacity software crashed and I had to start all over again.
This is the complete playlist of my I love Latin House set:

  1. Junior Jack – Hola
  2. Sven Van Hees – The one 4 me
  3. Buscemi – The Salon Section
  4. DJ Chus & David Penn feat. Darren J. Bell – Sunshine (Mediterranean Vocal Mix)
  5. Vergoclem Band – Sonar
  6. Jensen & Reynolds feat. Isabel Fructuso – Don’t cry
  7. Tumbatio – Otros Tiempos (The Bossa House Remix)
  8. Buscemi feat. Isabelle Antena – Seaside
  9. Colombian Drum Cartel – The Shipment (Original Mix)
  10. Gypsymen – Babarabatiri
  11. La Comitiva feat. Ramiro Suarez Piedro – Merengue (Bailando Extended Mix)
  12. Romy Costa – Dança Comigo (Extended Mix)
  13. Praful – Inspiraçao (Hard Soul Treatment)
  14. Ritmo-Dynamic – Calinda (Laurent Wolf Re-Edit Remix)
  15. Buscemi – Ramiro’s Theme (Organic Audio Remix)
  16. Frisco feat. Sonya Santana – A Ritmo De Son (Original Mix)
  17. Buscemi feat. Alexia Waku – Jumilla

This demo mix is dedicated to all my present and future fans. If you’ve enjoyed it, feel free to share it with your friends. Let’s cross our fingers, hope for the best and wait for the winners to be announced soon at Peace!

Recently I’ve uploaded a lounge mix of more downtempo Sweet Coffee tracks. This music perfectly fits into chill-out environments like lounge bars, wellness places and even into your own living room. Let you seduce by the vocals of Bibi, the synths of Raffa and the beats of Den Hétrix. Their music is very addictive, but why should you care about that?! I can assure you that after listening, you will be longing for even more future soul sounds.
The following tracks were carefully selected and mixed:
Sweet Coffee "Memory Lane"
   1. No ordinary love
   2. Don’t need you
   3. La lumière
   4. In love
Sweet Coffee "Perfect Storm"
   1. My mind
   2. Candyman
   3. Don’t let me wait too long
   4. Lost in tears
   5. Sweet little nothing
   6. Perfect storm  
Sweet Coffee "Naked City"
   1. Dear God
   2. Zanna
   3. Head over heels
   4. Air
   5. Ghost in your head
   6. Downtown
This is the complete playlist of my I love Sweet Coffee 2 set:
   1. Dear God
   2. My mind
   3. Zanna
   4. No ordinary love
   5. Head over heels
   6. Candyman
   7. Air
   8. Don’t let me wait too long
   9. Don’t need you
  10. Ghost in your head
  11. La lumière
  12. Lost in tears
  13. Downtown
  14. Sweet little nothing
  15. In love
  16. Perfect storm
Now turn on the music and let’s chill!

I love Sweet Coffee

Posted: November 9, 2008 in Mixtape, Music
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As promised in a previous blog, I’ve created a brand new demo mix of my favourite Sweet Coffee tracks. This time it took me a couple of weekends to finish it. You’re asking yourself why? Let me explain. I’m a big Sweet Coffee fan and probably I’m not the only one out there who loves future soul music. To please you all, I had to mix each track smoothly and sometimes start all over again until I got it completely right. You can see it like some kind of tribute to my favourite producer-duo Raffa and Den Hétrix. Hope they like it too?!

How did I accomplish this musical mission?

  1. Make a selection of the finest tracks from all 3 albums
  2. Determine average number of beats per minute (126BPM)
  3. Put all tracks in an uplifting order
  4. Practise each transition until it sounds right
  5. Record your live mix from intro till outro

The following tracks were carefully selected and mixed:

Sweet Coffee "Memory Lane"

  1. Start believin’
  2. Feelin’ good
  3. Holdin’ on (Den Hétrix & Raffa Edit Mix)
  4. Weekend Lover
  5. Memory Lane (Summer Reprise)

Sweet Coffee "Perfect Storm"

  1. Is this love
  2. Keep on running
  3. Special kind of feeling
  4. Ain’t the blues (Saxolude)
  5. Love having you around
  6. New Day
  7. Second time around

Sweet Coffee "Naked City"

  1. Intro – Go Deep
  2. Naked City
  3. Things you do
  4. What’s up with that
  5. Never better
  6. Outro – Emotion District

This is the complete playlist of my I love Sweet Coffee set:

  1. Intro – Go Deep
  2. Keep on running
  3. Naked City
  4. Is this love
  5. Never better
  6. Love having you around
  7. Things you do
  8. New Day
  9. Start believin’
  10. Second time around
  11. Feelin’ good
  12. What’s up with that
  13. Holdin’ on (Den Hétrix & Raffa Edit Mix)
  14. Special kind of feeling
  15. Weekend Lover
  16. Ain’t the blues (Saxolude)
  17. Memory Lane (Summer Reprise)
  18. Outro – Emotion District

I’m looking forward to your feedback and maybe I’ll produce more Sweet Coffee (re)mixes in the future. Enjoy!

Sweet Coffee - Memory Lane Sweet Coffee - Perfect Storm Sweet Coffee - Naked City