“Quality music that takes you on a journey of sounds & beats and leaves you longing for more.”

He grew up with Michael Jackson’s music and other disco-related material. In 2002 he started collecting tracks and 5 years later he was spinning the records as deejay DAVE CANTO. Ever since, his gear and mixing skills have been improving. He prefers Pioneer’s CDJ Digital Decks, providing him with extra possibilities that vinyl deejays could only dream of.

Today his musical flavour consists of deep / tech / progressive house and minimal tunes. From time to time he likes to add some latin influences, like saxophone, percussion and piano samples, to make it sound more sweet & sexy.


  • In 2012 he released his first refix of Booka Shade’s ‘Night Falls’ and obtained the 2nd place in the semi-final of Formaat’s Don’t Hype DJ-contest. He also created his first mashup of Avicii’s ‘Levels’, Green Velvet’s ‘Flash’ and Flo Rida’s ‘Good Feeling’.

  • In 2013 he released his second refix of Stimming’s ‘November Morning’ and obtained the 3rd place in the Quality First DJ-contest organized by The House Academy (Maxim Lany & Nathaniel). He also created his second mashup of FCL’s ‘It’s You’ and Gregor Salto’s ‘Horizonte’.

    Last year, the German DJ and producer Martin Stimming — sometimes classified as a deep house artist — released two versions of the same lovely song called ‘November Morning’. The original is anchored by a compact pulse, bobbing along at an easy 112 beats per minute, trimmed with cool effects and a wistful little countermelody. Stimming arranged the alternate version for the Brandenburg State Orchestra, where synth beats are swapped for delicately plucked strings, interrupted by growls of brass. The rendition we have here is by DAVE CANTO, who deftly combined Stimming’s two versions of ‘November Morning’ in his own ‘refix’.

    Taken from “Soothing The Savage Beat: When Electronic Artists Conjure Classical” by Tom Huizenga at (October 24, 2013)
  • In 2014 he released his third refix of Oxia’s ‘Domino’ and became a resident DJ of (Summer) Josephine’s and Skybar Antwerp.

    Now in its third year and set in a luxury five-star resort in tropical paradise, Groovefest is constantly growing and improving. 2015 was no exception, as the Caribbean fest expanded with an impressive line-up of international heavy-hitters including Anja Schneider, Green Velvet and Kölsch, alongside Londoners Skream, Sam Divine and Alexis Raphael. Here’s the tunes that dominated the dancefloor. Kölsch dropped DAVE CANTO’s refix of OXIA’s classic ‘Domino’ at the pool arena on the first night for his final tune. It went berserk! It’s got a live orchestral re-work in the middle that’s total bliss — this tune set the tone for the week!

    Taken from “10 Tracks That Dominated Groovefest 2015” by DJ Mag Staff at (September 23, 2015)
  • In 2015 he participated in a DJ-contest organized by Matterhorn (Miguel Dheedene).

  • In 2016 he became a resident DJ of Matterhorn and Salito Beach.

  • In 2017 he became a resident DJ of Black Smoke (Rooftop).

  • In 2018 he became a resident DJ of Absinthbar.

  • In 2019 he created his third mashup of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and Spirit Catcher’s ‘Voodoo Knight’.

  • In 2020 he participated in a talent search for deejays and producers organized by Ampere, a famous club located in Antwerpen. His ‘Take Me Out Sessions‘ DJ-set at Black Smoke was also livestreamed at local radio station FG Xtra.

  • In 2021 one of his mixtapes premiered and got featured at DHB Podcasts Series “S O U L S U R F E R S“. He was also invited at the studio of Deep House Belgium for a unique livestreaming experience to showcase ‘The Definition of Happiness‘: a quite personal composition of emotionally loaded tracks.

    As a soundscaping artist, DAVE CANTO likes to craft the perfect atmosphere with a fine selection of transcending music. Always aiming to blend quality sounds & beats within the surroundings, the audience, the location to create a unique experience into the very moment. His ‘refixes’ of some electronic masterpieces deserve more than one listen. These personal reworks are infused with subtle classical additions by a live orchestra or ensemble, lifting the original versions into another dimension. Immerse yourself in a journey of ethnic oriental sounds.

    Taken from “DHB SoulSurfers 002” by DHB Staff at (March 15, 2021)


His interests:
– restaurants, lounges & cocktailbars
– apéros, tastings & afterworks
– openings, housewarmings & private parties
– fashion shows, lifestyle & network events

Some venues he’s played at:
La Brassa (Brasschaat)
Smokey Jo’s Garage (Antwerpen)
The Berlin Post (Antwerpen)
Deep House Belgium Studio (Lint)
Black Smoke Bar (Rotterdam)
Black Smoke Bar & Rooftop (Antwerpen)
Absinthbar (Antwerpen)
3Sixty Skylounge (Memlinc Palace, Knokke-Zoute)
MOYO Rooftop Bar (Miraneau, Turnhout)
Wezel Culinair (‘s-Gravenwezel)
– Atlas Copco Christmas Party (San Marco Village, Schelle)
SHARP.Art’s Fine Art Prints Expo (House de Neuf, Edegem)
Bountiezzz (Ramsel)
Beach (Boechout)
Smokey Jo’s Cantina (Antwerpen)
– Salito Beach (Blankenberge)
BARàBAZ (Kruibeke)
The Dirty Rabbit (Antwerpen)
Matterhorn (Antwerpen)
Bar M (Aartselaar)
Josephine’s (Antwerpen)
Summer Josephine’s (Antwerpen)
Skybar (Lindner Hotel & City Lounge, Antwerpen)
MooseBar (Gent)
Vascobelo V-bar (Antwerpen)
YOUR Premium Store (Antwerpen)
– Antwerp Fashion Festival (Antwerpen)
Stuurboord Hangar 26 (Antwerpen)
Modulor (Antwerpen)
– Atlas Copco Afterwork Party (Banus, Aartselaar)
Cubic Clash (Kuub, Turnhout)
Karbonkel (Antwerpen)
Publik (Antwerpen)
Boudoir (Antwerpen)
Play & Produce (Vooruit, Gent)
Bar Tapa (Turnhout)
– Club 1900 (Turnhout)
– Labels (Turnhout)
– Anco Summer Terrace (Nieuwe Kaai, Turnhout)
– Saturdayz (Kosmopol, Lier)
Geronika (Westmalle)

Some contests he’s participated in:
Ampere‘s talent search 2020 for deejays and producers (Ampere, Antwerpen)
Matterhorn DJ-contest 2015 (Matterhorn, Antwerpen)
The House Academy‘s Quality First DJ-contest 2013 (Jardin, Knokke)
Formaat‘s Don’t Hype DJ-contest 2012 (Tjok, Hove)
Solano DJ-contest 2011 (Het Verzet, Mol)
– Stereo The Contest 2010 (Grote Markt, Turnhout)


Since January 2017 he is playing as a resident DJ at Black Smoke (Antwerpen) and since June 2018 at Absinthbar (Antwerpen).

From January till June 2016 he has been a resident DJ at Matterhorn (Antwerpen). From 2014 till 2015 he has been a resident DJ at Josephine’s (Antwerpen). From 2010 till 2013 he has been a resident DJ at Bar Tapa (Turnhout) with occasional gigs at Boudoir (Antwerpen).

In 2010 he met Sony Kitoko aka DJ Myno during Stereo The Contest (Turnhout) and they started sharing the decks at Boudoir (Antwerpen). Since April 2011 they are playing back 2 back as MYNO.CANTO, controlling 4 decks and 2 mixers.

Since January 2016 they are playing as resident DJ’s at The Dirty Rabbit (Antwerpen).

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